American Netflix List: What’s on US Netflix and not Australia?

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American Netflix List

Netflix is known as the king of the streaming market. It has undoubtedly changed the way we watch TV and film, and the amount of content it offers is impressive. However, it is frustrating when a TV show or movie is not available just because of your location.

Do you live outside the US and are tired of scrolling through Netflix movies? Are you looking to get American Netflix in Australia? Fortunately, any best VPN (Virtual private network) enables you to enjoy US Netflix anywhere.

This article will provide you all details about American Netflix, how it is different from Australian Netflix, how to get US Netflix anywhere, movies list, and more.

Difference Between American Netflix & Australian Netflix

As compared to American Netflix, Australian Netflix offers limited content to choose from due to copyrights that apply to streaming companies based in the US, which is home to many streaming service providers, including Netflix.

Moreover, the main difference is the amount of content available. With about 5,600 titles, America has the most extensive Netflix library in the world. On the other hand, Australia ranked fifth in content availability, with 5439 titles for movies and television.

How to Access American Netflix in Australia: 4 Easy Steps

Here’s how you can access American Netflix in Australia. Follow the simple steps below;

  1. Buy a premium subscription from ExpressVPN.
  2. Install the VPN client for your device.
  3. Connect to a Netflix-compatible server based in the United States.
  4. Enjoy watching the US Netflix in Australia!

EpressVPN working for American Netflix in Australia

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Why is Australian Netflix limited?

Although Australian Netflix globally ranked fourth in terms of available titles, it still offers fewer movies and shows than the US, Canada, and the UK. It is because of a license against each title issued by the broadcasting companies.

Reed Hastings, the Netflix CEO, says

the Netflix catalog varies from country to

country due to local licenses”.

American Netflix Movies List: Binge-Watch Worthy Titles

American Netflix offers more variety of TV programs, movies, and documentation to keep you engage with than Netflix content provided in other countries. The films listed below are on the top of the List to watch in Mar 2021.

  1. #Selfie
  2. The Dig
  3. Rucker50
  4. Reality high
  5. Private Life
  6. 13 Cameras
  7. The Half of it
  8. Outside the Wire
  9. 10 Days in Sun City
  10. I’m thinking of ending things

American Netflix TV Shows List: Sink into the Couch

Netflix is a global Internet streaming-on-demand content provider. It has distributed several original streaming television programs. The top 10 are listed below;

  1. Lupin
  2. The Crew
  3. The Order
  4. Good Girls
  5. Firefly Lane
  6. Outer Bank
  7. Breaking Bad
  8. Black Mirror
  9. The Blacklist
  10. Criminal Minds

American Netflix List – FAQs

When it comes to American Netflix List, you may find yourself asking some questions. Here, I highlight frequently asked questions with answers.

What shows are only on US Netflix?

There are a variety of shows you can watch on US Netflix. The TV shows below are claimed for US Netflix only.

  1. Twin Peaks,
  2. The West Wing,
  3. The Twilight Zone,
  4. Dexter,
  5. The Great British Bake Off

What’s on US Netflix and not Australia?

The most popular shows on US Netflix but not available in the Australian Netflix library include Breaking Bad, Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy, New Girl, NCIS Supernatural, and The Walking Dead.

How can I access US Netflix from Australia?

To access US Netflix from Australia, follow the below simple steps;

  1. Sign up for a good VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and install the ExpressVPN app.
  3. Choose a US-based server compatible with Netflix.
  4. Connect to the server.
  5. Start streaming US Netflix.

How do I switch to American Netflix?

Open the VPN app and sign in, then click List. Scroll to any US server like USA – New York and hit connect. Once connected, you will see a green pin, and the power icon on the device at the top of the system should be green as well. Finally, browse to and sign in to access US Netflix anywhere.

Wrapping Up

American Netflix offers more titles than Australian Netflix. The article above provides all details about American Netflix, how you can get US Netflix in Australia, and more. If you still face any trouble, please drop your comment below.


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