Best Movies on Netflix Australia in June 2021

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When you have the liberty of accessing thousands of popular movies from different genres be it action, thriller, comedy, romantic and anime, choosing your favorite movie becomes a difficult task. With the ability to access American Netflix in Australia you literally have an entire universe of entertainment as it has 100% of the content.

If you are ‘can’t decide’ type like me then you should explore this amazing list that allows you to watch some of the best movies on Netflix Australia without any hassle. Here is the list:

  • Best action movies on Netflix Australia
  • Best comedy movies on Netflix Australia
  • Best romantic movies on Netflix Australia
  • Best anime movies on Netflix Australia

Best action movies on Netflix Australia


IMDB Rating: 8.2 – Warrior is an American action film that was directed by Gavin O’ Connor. Likewise, the film was written by O’ Connor, Cliff Dorfman and Anthony Tambakis. On the other hand, Jennifer Morrison, Nick Nolte and Frank Grillo have played supporting roles in this movie.

The story of this action packed mixed martial arts film revolves around two brothers Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton. This rags-to-riches fighting story depicts the highs and lows of a troubled family.

Blood Diamond

IMDB Rating: 8.0 – Blood Diamond is one of the best thriller movies you can watch on Netflix Australia. This political war thriller film was a brainchild of Edward Zwick. The lead actors in this movie were Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Connelly and Djimon Hounsou. The film highlights the political instability of a country in a realistic manner.

The film received 5 Oscar nominations and was highly appreciated by the masses too.

John Wick

IMDB Rating: 7.5 – John Wick is an American action franchise film that was created by Derek Kolstad. Apart from this, Keanu Reeves played a starring role alongside Bridget Moyanahan in the film. The story focuses mainly on John Wick (Keanu Reeves) as he tries to find out the men who broke into his home, kill his beloved dog and stole his favorite vintage car.

Other Movies: 

  1. IP Man 2 (IMDB rating: 7.5)
  2. Looper (IMDB rating: 7.4)
  3. Spider Man: Homecoming (IMDB rating: 7.4)
  4. Southpaw (IMDB rating:7.4)
  5. Let the Bullets Fly (IMDB rating: 7.4)
  6. American Sniper (IMDB rating: 7.3)
  7. The Equalizer (IMDB rating:7.2)
  8. Snowpiercer (IMDB rating:7.1)
  9. Shazam (IMDB rating:7.1)
  10. IP Man 3 (IMDB rating:7.1)
  11. Steel Rain (IMDB rating:7.1)
  12. Aquaman (IMDB rating: 7.0) 
  13. Inception (IMDB rating: 8.8)
  14. The Matrix (IMDB rating: 8.7)
  15. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (IMDB rating: 8.4)
  16. Drive (IMDB rating: 7.8)
  17. Minority Report (IMDB rating: 7.6)
  18. IP Man (IMDB rating: 8.0)
  19. End of Watch (IMDB rating: 7.6)
  20. El Camino (IMDB rating: 7.4)
  21. The Dawn Wall (IMDB rating: 8.1)
  22. For the love of Spock (IMDB rating: 7.6)

Best comedy movies on Netflix Australia

Pitch Perfect

(IMDB rating: 7.2) – Pitch Perfect is an American musical romantic comedy film that was written by Kay Cannon and directed by Jason Moore. The star cast of the film consists of Anna Kendrick, Skylar Astin, Anna Camp, Rebel Wilson and others.

The story of the movie revolves around the Barden University’s all girl acapella group that competes with another acapella group to win the music competition.

Handsome Devil

(IMDB rating:7.1) – Handsome Devil is a light comedy film and a brainchild of John Butler. The plot of the film centers around an ignored teenager (Fionn O ‘Shea) who studies at an elite boarding school. Luckily, he becomes friends with his new roommate who is a famous rugby player.

In this film, their friendship is tested by others. The movie has delicately examined the do’s and don’ts of Irish private school system.

The Young Offenders

(IMDB rating: 7.1) – The Young Offenders is a comedy film directed, written and co-produced by Peter Foott. The main cast of the film features Alex Murphy,  Chris Walley, Hillary Rose, Shane Casey and others.

The story of the film depicts the resemblance that is found between the two teenage friends Conor and Jock who act the same and dress the same. Above all, they bove have weak moustaches

Other Movies:

  1. Game Night (IMDB rating:6.9)
  2. Ingrid Goes West (IMDB rating:6.6)
  3. Hitch (IMDB rating:6.6)
  4. Dumplin (IMDB rating:6.6)
  5. Set It Up (IMDB rating:6.5)
  6. Tag (IMDB rating:6.5)
  7. The Incredible Jessica James (IMDB rating:6.5)
  8. Between Two Ferns: The Movie (IMDB rating:6.1)
  9. The Hangover Part III (IMDB rating:5.8)
  10. The House Bunny (IMDB rating: 5.5)
  11. Bachelorette (IMDB rating:5.3)
  12. Sex Tape (IMDB rating:5.1)  
  13. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (IMDB rating:8.2)
  14. Groundhog Day (IMDB rating:8.0)
  15. life of Brian (IMDB rating:8.1)
  16. Marriage Story (IMDB rating:8.0)
  17. As Good As It Gets (IMDB rating:7.7)
  18. Back to the Future part 3 (IMDB rating:7.4)
  19. Saving Mr.Banks (IMDB rating:7.5)
  20. Bad Genius (IMDB rating:7.6)
  21. Driving Miss Daisy (IMDB rating:7.4)
  22. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (IMDB rating:7.8)
  23. Dear Ex (IMDB rating:7.4)
  24. Instructions Not Included (IMDB rating:7.5)

Best romantic movies on Netflix Australia

La La Land

la la land

(IMDB rating: 8.0) – La La Land is an American romantic comedy film directed and written by Damien Chazelle. The film’s leading cast includes Ryan Gosling who has played the role of Jazz Pianist. Likewise, Emma Stone has portrayed herself as an upcoming actress who falls in love with Ryan Gosling.

The Perks of being a Wallflower


(IMDB rating:8.0) – The Perks of Being a Wallflower is an American romantic drama film written and directed by none other than Stephen Chbosky. The film features some popular Hollywood actors and actresses like Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, Ezra Miller, Kate Walsh, Dylan McDermott and others.

The story of this film depicts that an introvert freshman has to deal with the issue of depression and anxiety as his best friend commits suicide.

Love O2O

lovo 020

(IMDB rating: 8.0) – Love O2O is a Chinese romantic film directed by Zhao Tianyu that features Angelababy and Jing Boran as its main cast. The hero (Xiao Nai) of this film is a gaming expert and also the most famous student of the university.

He fell in love with the heroine (Bei Wei Wei) due to her impeccable skill of online RPG game, which they both play as partners.

Other Movies:

  1. Midnight in Paris (IMDB rating: 7.7)
  2. A Star is Born (IMDB rating:7.7)
  3. Anima (IMDB rating:7.7)
  4. Brooklyn (IMDB rating:7.5)
  5. Paterson (IMDB rating:7.4)
  6. Dear Ex (IMDB rating: 7.4)
  7. The Great Gatsby (IMDB rating:7.2)
  8. Crazy Beautiful You (IMDB rating:7.2)
  9. Remember Me (IMDB rating:7.1)
  10. Slam (IMDB rating:7.1)
  11. Crazy Rich Asians (IMDB rating:6.9)
  12. Our Souls at Night (IMDB rating:6.9)
  13. Her (IMDB rating:8.0)
  14. Silver Linings Playbook (IMDB rating:7.7)
  15. The Theory of Everything (IMDB rating:7.7)
  16. About Time (IMDB rating:7.8)
  17. Blue Valentine (IMDB rating:7.4)
  18. Blue is the Warmest (IMDB rating:7.7)
  19. A Single Man (IMDB rating:7.6)
  20. God’s Own Country (IMDB rating:7.7)
  21. On Body and Soul (IMDB rating:7.6)
  22. The Sky is Pink (IMDB rating:7.5)
  23. Holding the Man (IMDB rating:7.4)
  24. Steal a Pencil for Me (IMDB rating:6.9)
  25. Palm Trees in the Snow (IMDB rating:6.9)
  26. Tootsie (IMDB rating:6.9)

Best anime movies on Netflix Australia

Your Name


(IMDB rating:8.4) – Your Name is a Japanese animated film that was written and directed by Makoto Shinkai. The film was produced by Genki Kawamura and Noritaka Kawaguchi. The movie describes the story of a school boy Taki and a high school girl Mitsuha.

The story took an interesting turn when the leading characters of the film swapped their bodies with each other unexpectedly. This impressive animated movie used the voices of Ryunosuke Kamiki, Mone Kamishiraishi, Masami Nagasawa and Etsuko Ichihara.



(IMDB rating:8.2) – Klaus is a Spanish animated Christmas comedy drama film, which is a brainchild of Sergio pablos. Similarly, the film was produced by his company Sergio Pablos Animation Studios in collaboration with Aniventure.

The story of this film is an interesting one as the main lead, who is a postman becomes a friend with a shy toymaker. The movie has used voices of Rashida Jones, Will Sasso, Neda Margrethe Labba, Sergio Pablos, Norm MacDonald and Joan Cusack.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Best Gift Ever

my little pony

(IMDB rating:8.0) – My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Best Gift Ever is a Christmas themed based animated movie that was produced by Devon Cody, Eliza Hart, and Colleen McAllister. The director of this film was Denny Lu, Jim Miller and Mike Myhre.

In this film, Twilight Sparkle and her friends do an act of “Herath’s Warming Helper” to obtain an exclusive Herath’s Warming present for another pony. The film stars the voices of Tara Strong, Andrea Libman, Ashleigh Ball and others.

Other Movies: 

  1. The Little Prince (IMDB rating:7.7)
  2. I Lost My Body (IMDB rating:7.6)
  3. No Game No life: Zero (IMDB rating:7.5)
  4. Golden Time (IMDB rating:7.5)
  5. Shaun the Sheep Movie (IMDB rating:7.3)
  6. Arthur Christmas (IMDB rating:7.1)
  7. GANTZ:O (IMDB rating:7.1)
  8. White Fang (IMDB rating:6.9)
  9. Storks (IMDB rating:6.8)
  10. Kung Fu Panda: Holiday (IMDB rating:6.8)
  11. Hotel Transylvania 2 (IMDB rating:6.7)
  12. Pachamama (IMDB rating: 6.7)
  13. A Silent Voice (IMDB rating: 8.2)
  14. Lupin the Third (IMDB rating: 7.7)
  15. In This Corner of the World (IMDB rating: 7.8)
  16. Mary and the Witch’s Flower (IMDB rating: 6.8)
  17. Blame (IMDB rating: 6.7)
  18. Miss. Holusai (IMDB rating: 6.7)
  19. The Garden of Words (IMDB rating: 7.5)
  20. Bleach the movie: Fade to Black (IMDB rating: 7.3)
  21. The Seven Deadly Sins: Prisoners of the sky(IMDB rating: 7.2)
  22. Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll(IMDB rating: 74)
  23. K-On! The Movie(IMDB rating: 7.6)
  24. No Game No Life: Zero(IMDB rating: 7.5)
  25. Bleach the movie: Hell Verse(IMDB rating: 7.4)

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Best Movies on Netflix Australia – FAQs

What should I watch on Netflix Australia?

There are countless titles on Australian Netflix, simply search the genre you’re interested in and find something you like.

How can I get US Netflix?

To get American Netflix in Australia, all you need is a VPN service and you can easily watch US Netflix content.

How How much Is Netflix Australia a month 2020?

Netflix pricing starts at $9.99 per month the basic plan, $13.99 per month for HD and 2 screens streaming, and $19.99 per month gets you UHD and 4 screens.

Wrapping Up

I expect you can now watch the best movies on Netflix Australia based on different genres like action, comedy, romantic and anime after following this guide. You can share your feedback in the comments section given below.

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