How To Cancel Your Netflix Plan [Sep 2021 Updated]

Last updated: September 1, 2021 by Nick

How To Cancel Your Netflix Plan

Are you one of those tired of watching Netflix and looking to know how to cancel your Netflix plan? You are at the right place; we have got you covered.

You can cancel your Netflix plan in few steps without any hassle. However, to access the most extensive library, you can get American Netflix in Australia with a VPN.

This article will inform you how to cancel your Netflix plan, access US Netflix in Australia using a VPN, and more.

How To Cancel Your Netflix Plan – Easy Steps

To cancel your Netflix plan, follow the below steps.

  1. Visit and log in to your Netflix account.
  2. Navigate to your username (in the top right corner) of the home screen.
  3. Click to see the drop-down box, then hit “Your Account.”
  4. Scroll down and click the “Cancel Membership.”
  5. The next page will show you a date like 2 Aug 2021, until you have already paid. At the end of this date, your Netflix plan will be terminated.
  6. Now hit “End Cancel” to confirm the cancellation.

If I cancel Netflix, will I be charged?

Netflix will not charge for cancelling your subscription plan. Even Netflix allows you to watch till the end of your subscription period. However, if you reactivate your account, you will have to pay.

How to Access US Netflix in Australia: Easy Steps

Here’s how you can access American Netflix in Australia using a VPN.

  1. Buy a premium subscription from ExpressVPN.
  2. Install the VPN client for your device.
  3. Connect to a Netflix-compatible server in the US.
  4. Visit and enjoy watching US Netflix in Australia!

How To Cancel Your Netflix Plan – FAQs

When it comes to canceling your Netflix plan, you might have some questions. Here I highlight some questions with answers.

How do I cancel Netflix on my phone?

To cancel Netflix on your android phone, follow the below steps.

  1. Open Netflix, Click More in the lower right corner, and hit the
  2. Scroll down and select Cancel Membership.
  3. Hit Finish Cancelation.
  4. You will receive an email notification regarding canceling confirmation.

Does Netflix have a cancellation policy?

Streaming service providers rarely make their clear cancellation policy. However, if you are no more interested in Netflix, you can cancel your subscription anytime in the few steps described above. Besides, Netflix doesn’t charge you any hidden fee for canceling your subscription.

Is there a cancellation fee for Netflix?

No. Netflix doesn’t charge any cancelation fee. However, you should know that your Netflix subscription is not canceled instantly. Instead, your Netflix account will be closed automatically at the expiry of your billing period. In case of a free trial, Netflix won’t charge you at the end of a free trial.

Wrapping Up

You can cancel your Netflix plan anytime with minimal effort. The article above helps you to cancel your Netflix plan and getting American Netflix in Australia using ExpressVPN. However, If you still face any trouble, please drop your comment below.

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