How to host a Netflix watch party with Friends & Family

Last updated: September 1, 2021 by Nick

How to host a Netflix watch party with Friends & Family

Social isolation has caused many people to lose all the group activities we are accustomed to, such as watching movies with friends. However, you can do it online. Netflix Party, the Chrome extension, lets you host a Netflix watch party with friends & family at the same time.

Don’t you know how to host a Netflix watch party? Stay with us. We will let you know how it works!

How to host Netflix watch party with Family & Friends

First of all, make sure that you and your friends are signing in to their Netflix accounts. Select from Netflix movies or TV shows to watch, and Netflix Party will sync to play in all of your accounts. So, you all watch the same thing at once on your accounts.

Like YouTube live streaming, Netflix Party features a text chat function on the side of the screen. Thus, you and your friends can respond and chat in real-time.

Here is how to host a Netflix watch party with friends & family:

  1. Open Google Chrome store and install Netflix party
  2. Click Add to Chrome and log in to your Netflix account
  3. Click icon Teleparty in Chrome Browser,
  4. Select a Netflix video and click to play
  5. Now create a Teleparty and share the link with others to watch together!

Getting more from Netflix in Australia

You can also host an American Netflix watch party to stream your favorite shows like “The Great, The Queen’s Gambit, Mindhunter and Ozark,” and more. To read the comparison of US Netflix vs Australia Netflix, click here!

Follow these simple steps to get American Netflix in Australia using a VPN.

  1. Sign up for a trusted Netflix VPN like ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the VPN app and sign in.
  3. Connect to the US-based server
  4. Open and enjoy US movies and shows!

American Netflix working wih ExpressVPN

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How to host Netflix watch party with Family & Friends – FAQs

When it comes to knowing how to host a Netflix party, you may ask yourself some questions. Here I present some common questions with answers.

How do you party with friends on Netflix?

Open Netflix’s official website. Select any show you like to watch with friends. Then, tap play to start the video. Next, hit the “NP” red icon (next to the address bar) to create a Netflix party. Now hit the Start Party, and share the URL with your friends and family to invite them.

Is there a way to watch Netflix together?

Yes, you can watch Netflix together using the Teleparty extension available on the Google Chrome extension store. You can easily install it, open Netflix, play your favorite show, create the watch party, and share the link with your friends.

How do Netflix Watch parties work?

Yes, Netflix Watch parties work well. Go to and play a video you want to watch. Now create a watch party by clicking on the “NP” icon next to the site address bar. Hit “Start Party” and share its URL to invite your friends & family.

Wrapping up

The article above informs you how to host a Netflix watch party with friends & family in a few easy steps. If you still have any issues, let us know by commenting below.

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