How to View your Plan and Monthly Cost [Sep 2021 Updated]

Last updated: September 10, 2021 by Nick

How to view your Plan and Monthly Cost

Today, millions of Aussies are active subscribers of Netflix, and the best content is available only on streaming services. However, if you subscribed to Netflix, you may be wondering how to view your plan and monthly cost.

This article will let you know about your current Netflix subscription cost and how you can get more out of your Netflix subscription.

How to view your plan and monthly cost

Here is how you can view your plan and monthly cost of Netflix in Australia;

  1. Open and hover your mouse over your profile picture and click Account
  2. Click Billing details
  3. Now you can view your plan and monthly cost

Moreover, you can compare Netflix plans and prices and change your selected plan at any time.

Netflix Plans and Pricing

Netflix offers three different plans to fulfill your needs. Each plan’s features vary in terms of costs, simultaneous screens, number of devices to download, and video quality. Now choose a Netflix plan that best fits your needs and budget.

Monthly costAU$10.99AU$15.99AU$19.99
Simultaneous screens124
Number of devices to downloads124
Unlimited TV shows and movies
HD quality
Ultra HD quality

How to see your payment data?

As a subscriber, Netflix automatically charges you once per month on the day you register. Netflix charges you at the beginning of your billing cycle and may take a few days to be visible in your account.

If your payment date is scheduled (for example, the 30th), you will be charged on the same date of that month.

How to Update your Netflix billing information

Here is how you can update your Netflix billing information;

  1. Open your Netflix Account and click Manage payment info.
  2. Update the information and complete the process.

Getting more from American Netflix: 4 Easy Steps

Here’s how you can get more from American Netflix with four easy steps:

  1. Buy a subscription to a VPN like ExpressVPN.
  2. Install the VPN and sign in.
  3. Connect to a server based in the US.
  4. Now you can watch your favourite show on American Netflix in Australia!

EpressVPN working - Netflix USA

Access American Netflix from Australia$6.67/mo for 1-Year + 3-Months Free

Wrapping Up

The article lets you know how to view your plan and the monthly cost of Netflix. You can do this with few simple steps, as discussed above. If you still face any issues, please drop your comment below.

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