The Most Disturbing Movies on Netflix Australia (Updated 2021)

Last updated: June 1, 2021 by Nick

There is something about disturbing movies, that pulls you towards them, while this type of content may not be for everyone but some people truly love to watch gore and blood and all the mind-bending acts shown in such movies. Adrenaline junkies, you may call them and I am one of them!Here I bring to you the Most Disturbing Movies on Netflix Australia, don’t blame me if you need some sort of sleeping aid after watching these!

The Ritual

Sort of vibing Blair Witch without the found footage, The Ritual is actually an amazingly creepy film after a team of British males on a trip through the Scandinavian wilderness. Although you are able to count on monsters, it is still great at creating tension without showing a lot of too early.
IMDb Rating: 6.3/10

Gerald’s Game

Like the majority of Stephen King adaptations, Gerald’s game is actually dark, malevolent and unrelenting mental. Compared with a great deal of Stephen King adaptations, Gerald’s game is perfectly done, with an unrelenting focus on the restrictions of its trapped and desperate protagonist. The ending is actually a bit of anti climactic unfortunately, but that is the cost this particular film pays for accuracy to the source novel.
IMDb Rating: 6.6/10


Annihilation is certainly more sci-fi than horror, but Netflix often categorizes it as horror so I will include it right here. Annihilation is less frightening than it’s mind-bending, and the large great set pieces of its take a rear seat to the psychological states as well as the interplay between the primary cast of its. You will either like it or maybe you will hate it, but Annihilation is still well worth a watch.
IMDb Rating: 6.8/10

The Open House

The open house is actually a thriller based almost completely on the premise “aren’t open houses creepy?” which I am quite certain has been said virtually verbatim during the film. Additionally, it leans heavily on the “rural folk are actually creepy” horror trope that is truly getting old by right now. The Open House wins points for an inventive moment involving contact lenses that I have never seen in horror before but usually is an under inspiring thriller.
IMDb Rating: 3.2/10


Malevolent follows a brother-sister duo of fraudster mediums that earn money from cleansing houses of lingering spirits. I am a fan of the fake supernatural turns real supernatural storyline, and Malevolent mixes that with a number of different traditional horror elements to effect that is great. it is not really a masterpiece, though It is a great solid horror film that is really worth checking out.
IMDb Rating: 3.2/10

Train to Busan

Train to Busan is the one zombie movie I have ever liked, and perhaps the just one I at any time will love. The character dynamics are great, as well as the cramped train setting is ideal for tense moments. This definitely one of the Most disturbing movies on Netflix Australia
IMDb Rating: 7.6/10

Little Evil

Starring Adam Scott and Evangeline Lilly, Little Evil tells the story of a typical male that ends up with the antichrist as being a step son after marrying the new love of his. Not truly scary, Little Evil nonetheless turns into a much better movie than expected.
IMDb Rating: 5.7/10

The Babysitter

The Babysitter primarily leans everything it’s on the premise of “what if the cute blonde babysitter was really the killer?” As a result it is never likely to be a masterpiece, though it is much better than you would think. Great for in case you want a low effort, lighter hearted slasher.
IMDb Rating: 5.7/10

More Disturbing Films

  1. I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House (IMDb Rating 4.5/10)
  2. Clinical (IMDb Rating 5.1/10)
  3. Death Note (IMDb Rating 9/10)
  4. Apostle (IMDb Rating 6.3/10)
  5. Everything Else (IMDb Rating 6.1/10)
  6. What We Do in the Shadows (IMDb Rating 8.5/10)
  7. It Follows (IMDb Rating 6.8/10)
  8. Annabelle: Creation (IMDb Rating 6.5/10)
  9. The Shining (IMDb Rating 8.4/10)
  10. Green Room (IMDb Rating 7/10)
  11. Psycho (IMDb Rating 8.5/10)
  12. Under the Shadow (IMDb Rating 6.9/10)
  13. Veronica (IMDb Rating 6.2/10)
  14. Saw (IMDb Rating 7.6/10)
  15. P (IMDb Rating 5.1/10)
  16. It (IMDb Rating 7.3/10)
  17. Creep 2 (IMDb Rating 6.4/10)
  18. The Final Girls (IMDb Rating 6.6/10)
  19. Creep (IMDb Rating 6.3/10)
  20. Insidious: Chapter 3 (IMDb Rating 6.1/10)
  21. You’re Next (IMDb Rating 6.6/10)
  22. Ouija: Origin of Evil (IMDb Rating 6.1/10)
  23. Paranormal Activity 4 (IMDb Rating 4.6/10)
  24. Hostel (IMDb Rating 5.9/10)
  25. Don’t Breathe (IMDb Rating 7.1/10)
  26. In the Tall Grass (IMDb Rating 5.4/10)
  27. Hereditary (IMDb Rating 7.3/10)
  28. The Cabin in the Woods (IMDb Rating 7/10)
  29. The Exorcist (IMDb Rating 8/10)
  30. 1922 (IMDb Rating 6.3/10)
  31. Hush (IMDb Rating 6.6/10)
  32. A Quiet Place (IMDb Rating 7.5/10)
  33. The Perfection (IMDb Rating 6.1/10)
  34. The Witch (IMDb Rating 6.9/10)
  35. The Silence of the Lambs (IMDb Rating 8.6/10)
  36. Green Room (IMDb Rating 7/10)
  37. The Autopsy of Jane Doe (IMDb Rating 6.8/10)
  38. Emelie (IMDb Rating 5.4/10)
  39. Insidious (IMDb Rating 6.8/10)
  40. Zombieland (IMDb Rating 6.7/10)
  41. Event Horizon (IMDb Rating 6.7/10)
  42. Bird Box (IMDb Rating 6.6/10)

Wrapping Up!

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Hope you love this collection of Most Disturbing Movies on Netflix Australia, all the titles are handpicked and not just plain horror, I have searched movies that have disturbing elements in them! You can also get American Netflix and broaden your choices.

Let us know which movie you’re looking forward to watching or have already watched, also we would love recommendations from your side!

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