Netflix Australia Action Movies [April 2021 Updated]

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There are tons of action movies to watch on Netflix in Australia. It offers a variety of sub-genres from Sci-Fi to Thriller and everything in between. Action movies mostly focus on assassins, police, and thieves.

If you have the desire to watch thousands of new releases and old action movies, you may need to access American Netflix. Are you wondering to know how to access American Netflix in Australia? Stay with us!

This article will let you know how to access American Netflix in Australia and the best action movies that you would love to watch in 2021.

How to access American Netflix in Australia

You probably know that the American Netflix library is bigger than Netflix Australia. The best thing is you can access American Netflix in Australia using the VPN. The instructions are given below;

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  2. Download Install the VPN client for your device.
  3. Connect to a Netflix-compatible server based in America.
  4. Enjoy watching American Netflix in Australia!
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Best Action Movies on Netflix Australia

Undoubtedly, Netflix Australia offers a large no of action movies that you can watch on any of your favorite devices including Android, Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox One, and more.  However, finding the best one is a hard task. To assist you, we have compiled a below list of the top five action movies. So, sit press play, and enjoy a mini-festival of action movies.

1. The Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings is an exciting 1978 animated adventure film directed by Ralph Bakshi. It is the epitome of the supernatural. Set in the middle world, the film follows a group of hobbits, men, an elf, a dwarf, and a wizard that builds relationships. Besides, they launched a campaign to destroy the One Ring by Dark Lord Sauron; he gains power from the Ring, but if it is destroyed, he will perish with it.

Netflix Action Movie - The Lord of the Rings

2. John Wick

John Wick is a 2014 American neo-noir comedy movie directed by Chad Stahelski. With the sudden death of his beloved wife still in his mouth, John Wick, a professional assassin, receives one last gift from her. It was a precious reminder to help John find a new purpose in life now that he is gone. Moreover, the proud Russian prince Iosef Tarasov and his men visit Wick to snatch away his precious 1969 Mustang and his wife.

Best Netflix Action Film John Wick

3. 47 Ronin

47 Ronin is an American fantasy action film directed by Carl Rinsch at the beginning of his directing role. It tells that while hunting in the forest, Lord Asano of Ako and his samurai found the middle breed and took him to live in the castle. Several years later, Lord Asano hosts a competition to welcome the Shogun in Ako. The night after the tournament, Lord Asano was bewitched to injure Lord Kira of Nagato.

Netflix AU Action Film 47 Ronin

4. Salt

Salt is a thriller action American film directed by Phillip Noyce. It follows Evelyn Salt, a CIA attorney who is highly respected by all, including her boss, Ted Winter. Suddenly, a Russian spy enters their offices and provides important information. The Russian president will be assassinated during his upcoming visit to New York City to attend the funeral of the recently deceased U.S. Vice President. Winter refuses to accept that he is a mole or a double agent but his actions are beginning to raise doubts.

Netflix AU Movies Salt

5. King Kong

King Kong is an American Monster film, produced and directed by Peter Jackson in 2005. Carl Denham requires to finish his movie and he has a good place; Skull Island. But you still need to find the best girl. Nobody knows what they will encounter on the island and why it is so mysterious, but once they do, they will soon search. Finally, living on this hidden island is a giant gorilla and this monster now has Ann in its grip.

Best Action movie King Kong

Netflix Australia Action Movies – FAQs

When it comes to Netflix Australia action movies, you may find yourself asking some questions. Here I highlight some frequently asked questions with answers.

What are underrated movies on Netflix?

The listed below are the underrated movies on Netflix.

  1. Okja
  2. Uncut Gems
  3. Haywire
  4. We the Animals
  5. The Meyerowitz Stories

Which are the best Netflix original movies?

The listed below are the top Netflix original movies.

  1. The Old Guard
  2. Private Life
  3. Triple Frontier
  4. The Devil All the Time
  5. Marriage Story
  6. The Irishman

What are the best action movies on Netflix to watch in 2021?

The listed below are the best action movies on Netflix you can watch in 2021

  1. Close
  2. Polar
  3. Ip Man 4: The Finale
  4. Maria
  5. Point Blank
  6. Double World

Wrapping Up

Australian Netflix offers a variety of action movies, and it is hard to find the best one. The article above provides you information about the best action movies to watch on Netflix in Australia. If you still face any trouble, please drop your comment below.

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