Netflix Australia vs Disney Plus: Which One to Use in 2021?

Last updated: September 1, 2021 by Nick

Disney Plus is still nascent in the streaming scene but has made a grand entrance by getting 10 million subscriptions on its opening day. However, nothing comes close to American Netflix as the latter is an undisputed leader when it comes to discussing famous streaming services from all around the globe.

In this Netflix Australia vs Disney Plus comparison, I will differentiate both these services in terms of content, availability, features, and compatibility.

So, without further ado, let us begin!

Disney+ vs Netflix Australia (Brief Comparison)

FeaturesNetflix BasicNetflix StandardNetflix PremiumDisney Plus
Release DateMarch 2015March 2015March 2015December 2019
Free TrialNoNoNo7 Days
Cost/Month$9.99$13.99$19.99$9.99/mo or 89.99/year
Family Sharing5557
Available TV Shows and Movies4200+4200+4200+600+
Offline StreamingYesYesYesYes
CompatibilityPC, Mac, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon, Vodafone TV, Telstra TV, Chromecast, and Smart TVsPC, Mac, Android,Windows Phone, Telstra TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon, Chromecast, and Smart TVsPC, Mac, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Xbox One Amazon, Chromecast, and Smart TVsPC, Mac, Android, PS4 Apple TV, Fetch TV,  Android TV, Amazon, Chromecast, and Smart TVs

If you compare both the services on the video quality front, you would be amazed that 4K content feature is only available in the Netflix premium package. The feature should have been included in other plans as well.

Content: Does Netflix Australia have better content than Disney Plus?

Netflix Australia offers a huge content library to its Australian subscribers. The service has existed in the streaming industry for decades plus it has all the desired options that improve users’ media craving next level.

That said, Disney would be withdrawing its content from the Netflix library once their contractual obligations come to an end. But still, Netflix Australia has other attractive perks for their subscribers.

Content TypeNetflix AustraliaDisney Plus
No of TV Shows and Movies4200+600+
Famous ShowsStranger Things, Narcos, and Peaky BlindersThe Mandalorian and The Winter Soldier
Famous MoviesThe Irishman and RomaStar Wars and Frozen

As you can see, there is a world of difference between the number of TV shows and movies. This is the reason Disney Plus would take ample time to give a fearsome competition to Netflix.

Availability of Netflix and Disney Plus Worldwide?

Netflix is undoubtedly the most-watched streaming platform in the world. The service does exist in 190 countries and has a massive following of 150 million subscribers. You can consider these countries like Australia, UK, Canada, France, Japan, and others. A catch of geo-restrictions spoils the fun of streamers because most viewers want to access the US Netflix library as it offers the maximum number of titles.


Thanks to VPN, they are able to satisfy their Netflix streaming needs since this amazing privacy and security tool allows them to change their online locations in a blink of an eye. As a result, they can unblock US Netflix from anywhere using local American IP addresses.

If you want to change Netflix region like UK, Canada, France, and Japan while residing in Australia, you will need to get the IP addresses of these respective countries first. For example, you can watch the famous shows or movies of UK Netflix after using a VPN that offers a UK IP address.

Apart from this, you can get the IP addresses of other countries such as Canada, France and Japan using the same VPN service.

Compared to Netflix, Disney Plus is finding its feet since the service is only available in a limited number of countries like USA, Australia, and New Zealand. The European fans do not have to wait any longer as they will be watching their favorite shows or movies by the end of May 2021.

Disney Plus is following the phrase, which is “One Size fits for all” quite well because you can get a wide variety of features through a single-tier plan.

Device Compatibility

disney+ devices

It is heading in the right direction in terms of compatibility because Disney Plus is compatible with the same number of operating systems and devices similar to Netflix almost.

You can watch Netflix Australia on everything if I am not wrong. The same goes for Disney plus because you will start watching the service in your home on various Smart TVs such as LG and Samsung too. It works like a charm with other major devices and gaming consoles.

Wrapping Up

The above Netflix Australia vs Disney Plus comparison indicates that both these popular streaming giants have all the right ingredients to become a household need soon. However, Australian Netflix holds the edge as it offers one of the most attractive libraries for adult viewers.

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