How to get Netflix Gift Cards In Australia

Last updated: August 19, 2020 by Nick

There can be many reasons why you may want a Netflix Gift Card, maybe you don’t want to use your credit card and risk your money. Maybe you’re using a VPN and want to pay without Netflix finding out your location. Additionally, a Gift card is primarily a gift card, you just might want to gift it to somebody.

Here I will tell you about the best online platforms to buy Netflix Gift Cards Online:

Where Can You Buy Netflix Gift Cards in Australia?


paypal netflix gift card australia

Yes, PayPal has Netflix Gift Cards how could the online banking pioneer be left behind? Keep checking their page out, you never know when the company offers a special promotion or discount. Easily schedule your card delivery and pay Netflix using the card!


ebay netflx australia


eBay is one of the largest online shopping platforms, and it sure does see Netflix Gift Cards! As you choose the amount and proceed to purchase, an email containing the gift card code would be sent to you within 24 hours.



Prezzee is a pretty great platform considering, you can select which country you want the card for, furthermore, the platform has gift cards of all kinds. Be it Gap or Macy’s, there’s almost every brand gift card available.


dundle netflix gift cards

Dundle, is another service that sends you the gift card instantly, you can see in the bottom that it has a lot of payment options. You can see there is bitcoin also, so if you’re one of the security-savvy people it’s the best option for you. The A$50 card is being sold at a discount, even though its not a huge amount but still is some money.


amazon netfllixgift cards

One of the biggest e-commerce sites, Amazon too has Netflix gift cards that you can use or send to your loved ones! This will surely be a treat during this lockdown phase.

Wrapping Up!

Gift cards can be very useful, especially when trying to subscribe to a geo-restricted platform, these Netflix Gift card platforms provide great ease and often give out discounts which make it totally worth buying!

Let us know which platform you used in the comment section below.


What store sells Netflix gift cards?

Well, a lot of stores sell gift cards but Walmart surely does sell them at there physical stores.

Does Target sell Netflix gift cards?

Yes, Target sells Netflix gift cards online by email.

How long does a Netflix gift card last?

Well, in dollar value it can be utilized up to the value of the card, in terms of expiry, these cards have a three year validity.


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