Netflix Cost in Australia- World Comparison (June 2021 Updated)

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Netflix has over 150 million subscribers worldwide as of 2019. The streaming service is extremely popular, and 37% of internet users access it regularly. Netflix has become a go-to option for streaming shows and movies thanks to its huge library of content and affordable monthly subscription options.

Did you know that Netflix prices vary from one country to another? Let’s take a closer look at how Netflix prices differ between Australia, the US, and the UK and how to get American Netflix in Australia:

How Much Does Netflix Cost in Australia?

Netflix is the most popular streaming service in Australia, with 48% of Australians above the age of 14 using Netflix. The number of households with a Netflix Australia subscription increased by 30% between 2017 and 2018.

Netflix is a popular option because the Netflix Australia price per month is very affordable. Users can get a basic subscription for 9.99 AUD per month, a standard subscription for 13.99 AUD a month, or get the premium plan for 19.99 AUD a month.

Netflix increased its prices by 2 AUD a month in October 2019. The service is now slightly more expensive than other options, but still remains competitive thanks to its huge selection of content and originals. The Netflix cost in Australia remains competitive since Stan charges between 10 and 17 AUD a month, Amazon Prime costs around 7 AUD, Disney+ offers plans starting at 9 AUD, and YouTube Premium costs around 15 AUD a month.

Netflix Australia Cost vs Netflix USA and UK

Netflix offers a similar experience around the globe, but there are differences in the library of content available since Netflix secures streaming rights specific to each country. There are also some differences in costs.

The Netflix cost in Australia is different from what other users pay around the globe because the streaming service market is different in each country. There are different competitors, and attitudes toward replacing a cable subscription with a Netflix plan differ.

Here is a comparison of the Netflix Australia price with other countries in Australian Dollars:

  • A basic plan costs 9.99 AUD in Australia, 13.38 AUD in the US, and 11.62 AUD in the UK.
  • A standard plan costs 13.99 AUD in Australia, 19.34 AUD in the US, and 17.44 AUD in the UK.
  • A premium plan costs 19.99 AUD in Australia, 23.80 AUD in the US, and 23.35 AUD in the UK.

We also compared the Netflix cost Australia with other countries in US Dollars:

  • In Australia, users pay 6.71 USD for a basic plan, 9.40 USD for a standard subscription, and 13.43 USD for the premium option.
  • In the US, users can get a basic plan for 8.99 USD a month, a standard plan for 12.99 USD a month, and a premium plan for 15.99 USD a month.
  • In the UK, Netflix costs 7.80 USD a month for a basic plan, 11.71 USD for a standard plan, and 15.63 USD for a premium plan.

Here is how the Netflix Australia subscription price compares to other countries in British pound:

  • Australian subscribers pay £5.19 for a basic plan, £7.22 for a standard subscription, and £10.31 for a premium plan.
  • American subscribers spend £6.90 for a basic plan, £9.97 for a standard plan, and the premium option costs £12.28 a month.
  • In the UK, Netflix users have to spend £5.99 for a basic plan, £8.99 for a standard plan, and £11.99 for a premium plan.

Getting More from Netflix

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  4. Visit the Netflix website and enjoy streaming the US library!

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Netflix Plans: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some common questions about Netflix plans.

How Much Is Netflix a Month 2010?

Netflix initially costs 7.99 USD a month at the time of its launch in 2010. The basic plan now costs 8.99 USD in the US, which reflects inflation.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Netflix on Your TV?

You can watch Netflix on your TV at no additional cost if you have a subscription. Keep in mind that a basic plan lets you watch Netflix on one device, a standard plan lets you watch Netflix on two devices, and you will need a premium plan to watch on four devices at once.

How Much Does Netflix Cost Per Month?

The cost of a monthly subscription depends on where you live and which plan you choose. The Netflix cost in Australia ranges from approximately 7 to 14 USD a month, while US users have to spend between 9 and 16 USD.

What Are the Netflix Plans?

Netflix offers three different subscription options. The basic plan lets you watch content on one device and doesn’t include HD or UHD content. The standard plan lets you watch on two devices and includes HD content, and the premium plan includes HD and UDH content and allows you to watch content on four devices.

Wrapping Up

Even though Netflix increased its prices in the UK in May 2019, the US remains the most expensive country for subscribing to Netflix. The Netflix cost in Australia is more affordable, but subscriptions are available in a similar price range.

Subscribing to Netflix in Australia would cost you a total of 147.35 AUD a year for a basic plan, or 98.99 USD a year since Netflix will give you the first month for free.

The price of Netflix in Australia is more affordable since you can get a one-year basic subscription for 109.89 AUD or 73.82 USD. Picking a Netflix Australia plan over a US subscription could help you save 38 AUD or 26 USD a year for a basic subscription.

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