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Netflix is a one stop solution when it comes to watching TV shows and movies related to all kinds of genres like Action, Adventure, Anime, Comedy and others. However, you feel at times there is nothing new to watch on Netflix.

You browse numerous movies but it looks like you have watched them before. If you are facing this dilemma then it is the right time for using Netflix secret codes in Australia that help you access hidden genre categories.


What are the Netflix codes for Australian region?


Netflix secret codes sort out TV shows and movies based on genre that vary from the niche, to the descriptive and to the weirdly specific. This way, you can search the whole Netflix Australia catalogue without any hassle.

If you want to find your favorite genre, you can use these simple Netflix codes:

How can I use Netflix codes to find movies on Netflix Australia?

You just need a Netflix code number that you can add at the end of a URL…

For instance, you can search for Netflix film John Wick by adding code number 1365 in this manner: 

Netflix Hacks for a Better Streaming Experience

Here is the list that includes 9 Netflix hacks:

  1. Access hidden libraries hack
  2. Download videos hack
  3. Subtitle hack
  4. Netflix down hack
  5. Netflix roulette
  6. New features hack
  7. Buffering hack
  8. Save mobile data hack
  9. Find hidden category hack

Access Hidden Libraries

netflix library

Netflix media library differs from region to region because of copyrights and licensing issues. There are more than 10,000 titles in the US Netflix library as compared to 5000+ titles in Australian Netflix library.

If you reside in Australia and want to explore the US Netflix titles, you will have to use a VPN. By doing so, you can unblock action comedy movies, teen romance movies and movies that are based on other genres quite easily.

You should follow these simple steps to access your desired hidden libraries:

  • Subscribe and download Surfshark VPN.
  • Use your credentials to login
  • Select a US server from the servers’ list
  • Go to the official site of Netflix and access your favorite titles

Download Videos

You can download videos using the Netflix app and watch them on your mobile phones while on the go or from everywhere.

Watch Subtitles in other languages

Although Netflix provides subtitles but you can still watch subtitles in your preferred language as well. Hence, you can stream all your favorite TV shows or movies in any language of your choice.

What to do if Netflix is down?

Despite knowing Netflix secrets codes for Australian region, you cannot do anything if the official site does not work. You can check the status of Netflix if it is working or not through

Netflix Roulette

If you are unable to decide what to watch on Netflix. You should use Netflix Roulette feature that provides you different options like genre, type, IMDB ratings, rotten tomatoes ratings, and spin to get relevant suggestions.

New Features

You can get new features by using your account menu in which you have to select a test participation option. Now, you should turn on the toggle and then you can access potential features of Netflix.

Get rid of Buffering

You can use the following hack to improve your streaming experience next level:


A popup will open on your screen, choose a lower Bitrate and click override. A lower bitrate will decrease the quality of the video but it will let you bypass buffering hassle to a certain extent.

Save your money while streaming on mobile

If you prefer watching content on smaller screens, you would rely on your mobile data. However, the cost of your mobile data may become a worrisome aspect for you. Don’t worry and just relax as we have got you covered.

Go to Playback settings through your account, select the video quality as per your streaming needs. This is how you can manage your data cost under your budget.

Final Thoughts

We hope now you can use Netflix secret codes in Australian and make Netflix your ultimate source of entertainment. Feel free to share your thoughts about the article in the comments section given below.

















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