50 Best Comedy Movies on Australian Netflix with IMDb Ratings

Last updated: August 31, 2020 by Nick

Searching for comedy movies on Netflix Australia? Ranging from family-friendly titles to some totally NSFW ones, all in all, there’s something for everyone on Netflix Australia. Here I have listed the best comedy titles on Australian Netflix along with IMDb ratings so you have an easier time picking up the title of your choice!

50 Best Comedy Movies on Australian Netflix

Titles with IMDb Rating

1. Baby Driver  (7.6/10)
2. Beetlejuice  (5.8/10)
3. The Big Short  (7.8/10)
4. Birdman  (6/10)
5. BlacKkKlansman  (7.5/10)

6. The Breakfast Club  (7.9/10)
7. The Blues Brothers  (7.9/10)
8. Escape from ‘Liberty’ Cinema (7.2/10)
9. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off  (7.8/10)
10. Friday  (7.3/10)
11. The Half of It  (6.9/10)
12. Hey Arnold! The Movie (6/10)
13. Hot Fuzz  (7.8/10)
14. I, Tonya  (7.5/10)
15. Last Action Hero  (6.4/10)

16. Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels  (8.2/10)
17. Midnight in Paris  (7.7/10)
18. Monty Python’s Life of Brian  (8.1/10)
19. Okja  (7.3/10)
20. Paddington 2  (7.8/10)
21. School of Rock  (7.1/10)
22. Shaun the Sheep Movie  (7.3/10)
23. She’s Gotta Have It  (6.6/10)
24. Ted  (6.9/10)
25. Up in the Air  (7.4/10)
26. American Pie Reunion  (6.5/10)
27. The Breakfast Club  (7.9/10)
28. Murder Mystery  (6/10)

29. The Fuck it List  (6.5/10)
30. The Heartbreak Kid  (5.8/10)
31. The Kissing Both  (6/10)
32. Little Forkers  (5.5/10)
33. Going in Style  (6.6/10)
34. War Dogs  (7.1/10)
35. Forrest Gump  (8.8/10)

36. Johnny English Reborn  (6.3/10)
37. Johnny English  (7/10)
38. Eddie Murphy Delirious  (8.2/10)
39. The Dirt  (7/10)
40. Happy Gilmore  (7/10)
41. Four Christmasses  (5.7/10)
42. Set it up  (6.5/10)
43. Isn’t it Romantic  (5.9/10)
44. How High  (6.3/10)
45. Blue Streak  (6.3/10)

46. Imagine That  (5.6/10)
47. Bad Moms  (6.2/10)
48. Project X  (6.6/10)
49. Shaft  (6.4/10)
50. Johnny English Strikes Again  (6.2/10)


What is the funniest thing on Netflix?

Well, we can’t select one title to be the funniest, of course, different people like different content, depending on their interests and age. However, some of the highest-rated titles are Forest Gump, Eddie Murphy Delirious & Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels.

What’s good on Netflix Australia?

Well, there are many shows and movies to watch, The Johnny English movies are great too, all three parts are extremely hilarious and light, guaranteed to make your day better!

What Should I Watch on Netflix Australia 2020?

It really depends on your taste as to what you should watch on Netflix Australia, considering comedy there are lots of titles such as romantic comedy, action, and animated series.

What Comedy Series Should I Watch on Netflix?

Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive is a great standup comedy series, the Parks and Recreation star does a great job on making audiences laugh till their stomach hurts!

Wrapping Up!

These are some of the very best comedy on Netflix Australia, there are ample of awesome movies and shows on Netflix Australia and you can access even a larger variety of titles, simply get US Netflix and watch the best content Netflix has to offer!

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