How to Get Netflix USA on Android in Australia (Updated 2021)

Last updated: January 1, 2021 by Nick

Love watching Netflix on your Android phone? Want more content? Follow this guide if you want to know how to get Netflix USA on Android in Australia. Watching shows and movies on the phone is such a blessing, you can take it anywhere, be it your commute to work or waiting at a doctors clinic. But having said that are you frustrated with your local Netflix library and want to expand it? You come to the right place because I will teach you just that!

First of all, you need to know how a VPN works and why do you need it. Your IP address reveals your physical address hence signaling Netflix where you’re visiting from. When you use a VPN, it replaces your IP hence allowing you access.

You need a good and reliable VPN service as it is not easy to bypass Netflix restrictions, therefore make sure you get one that can handle it well. Our recommendation comes for Surfshark, we’ve tried and tested it and it’s a highly capable service that provides premium features at an affordable price.

How to Get Netflix USA on Android in Australia

Follow the below-mentioned steps to get Netflix USA on Android:

  •         Go to the Google PlayStore
  •         Subscribe to Surfshark
  •         Download and install Surfshark
  •         Sign in with your credentials
  •         From the list of countries connect to a US server
  •         Now go to Netflix app, your library has changed.

Enjoy the new world of entertainment that has been opened up to you, keep streaming the world’s best Netflix Library.

Netflix USA on Android – Video Tutorial

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