49 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Australia

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While horror movies aren’t for the faint-hearted, but there is something so intriguing about them, that you’ll still watch them. Fear of the unknown is the greatest, that’s how our brains are wired. But if the horror genre is not your cup of tea, don’t worry you can watch some great crime documentaries and other interesting movies on Netflix.

So without further ado, let’s begin the list!

Best Horror Movies on Netflix Australia

Scream (IMDb 7.4)


Let’s begin with a classic, Scream re-invented what horror movies can be like. There may be comedy in a motion picture, however it can be rise to parts frightening and exciting. The veiled killer movie managed to keep audiences on the edge with its anticipation without going off track. The motion picture spins around a serial executioner known as the “Ghostface” who is after a female tall school understudy named “Sidney Prescott”. The movie was discharged in 1996 and still may be a favorite when it comes to Horror movies.

Bird Box (IMDb 6.6)


Sandra Bullock pulls off an astounding execution in this motion picture. The story goes around a post-apocalyptic period where the world is frequented by fiendish creatures. The foremost horrifying portion is that the fiendish substances target a individual by their sense of sight, and this makes things interesting on a entirety distinctive level! Once the entity targets a person’s soul, it makes them commit suicide. So Sandra Bullock must spare herself and her children dazzle collapsed and that’s the genuine core of the film.

Carrie (IMDb 7.4)


The motion picture was released in 1976 based on a novel by none other than the Lord of frightfulness, Stephen Lord. The story is around a youngster who is bullied horrendously at school, but little do others know that she has supernatural powers. And when the time comes she uses her fiendish powers to require exact retribution from each individual that has bullied her. The prom scene from the motion picture is notorious and has been referenced of late in Netflix’s Derry Young ladies.

The Witch (IMDb 6.9)

the witch

This one on the list is for those who adore genuine gut and distrustfulness, a family moves to New Britain in the 1630s. With bizarre activities going on around within the house the family begins to accept that they have been reviled by a witch. And when their most youthful child is no place to be found, the family begins to think that the witch is no one other than their oldest girl.

1922 (IMDb 6.3)


Typically another entry based on a Stephen King novel, Thomas Jane stars in this movie as a rancher who tries to create a living by cultivating on the land his spouse has acquired. Be that as it may, when she chooses to sell the farm, Thomas is appeared plotting his wife’s kill with the assistance of his adolescent child. They go almost doing that but the results turn out to be greater than the budgetary pick up they slaughtered her for. The frightfulness that takes after will make each hair on your skin rise, Thomas faces a mental decay and the cultivate is presently attacked by rats.

Don’t Knock Twice (IMDb 5.1)

dont knock twice

The movie spins around the story of a mother who may be a recuperating drug addict. She tries to reconnect with her daughter but instead, some way or another gets included within the urban legend of a witch that takes children. The motion picture does immensely well with the gooey environment it makes, indeed in spite of the fact that numerous watchers would feel that it’s not something unused, in any case, it’s something done exceptionally well. The motion picture will keep you snared to the conclusion.

Would You Rather (IMDb 5.7)

would you rather

Frantic for cash to assist her sick brother, a young lady signs up to compete in a “Would You Rather” game. Little does she know around the elements of this dangerous game that requires her to be included in savage acts that the host has organized. The game requires the member to either be shellfish approximately their possess life or of other hopefuls, the trap is more horrifying than her wildish creative ability.

Cargo (Netflix Original) (IMDb 6.3)


This Netflix Original movie will take you to another level since its story isn’t like regular horror movies. Cargo could be an unused take on Zombie genre, where you may see a battle of a father to discover a family that can watch out of his girl after a widespread of Zombie infection in Australia.

IT (2017) (IMBd 7.3)


This frightful movie is one of my favorites since it is based on the book of one of the finest novel author Stephen King. IT is all approximately the summer in little town “Maine”, where a group of bullied children joins together to crush the shapeshifter frightening clown who lives on kids of Derry. And it begins getting dangerous stunning when children vanish from the town. Shockingly a gathering of kids faces their greatest fear to slaughter that apparently powerful clown.

List of More Horror Movies

  1. The Ritual
  2. Gerald’s Game
  3. Annihilation
  4. Malevolent
  5. Little Evil
  6. The Babysitter
  7. I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House
  8. The Open House
  9. Clinical
  10. Death Note
  11. Apostle
  12. Everything Else
  13. Train to Busan
  14. What We Do in the Shadows
  15. It Follows
  16. Annabelle: Creation
  17. The Shining
  18. Green Room
  19. Psycho
  20. Under the Shadow
  21. Veronica
  22. Saw
  23. P
  24. Creep 2
  25. Event Horizon
  26. The Final Girls
  27. Saw II
  28. Creep
  29. Insidious: Chapter 3
  30. The Devil and Father Amorth
  31. You’re Next
  32. Ouija: Origin of Evil
  33. Paranormal Activity 4
  34. The Nightmare
  35. Hostel
  36. Satanic
  37. Dig Two Graves
  38. Veronica
  39. Shutter

Wrapping Up!

I hope you liked this list of horror movies, if you are unable to access a certain title it could mean that it’s not available in your country. BUT worry not you can easily access American Netflix in Australia and watch the very best of Netflix.

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