Australian Netflix Ranked 5th Lowest Globally [May 2021 Updated]

Last updated: May 3, 2021 by Nick

It is now a widely known fact that Netflix libraries differ from country to country. But a recent study conducted by “Get American Netflix In Australia” revealed it ranked 5th lowest in the world. The rating has been given on the quality of content rather than the quantity.

It is indeed surprising that despite being one of the largest libraries, Australian content ranks so low. As per IMDb it takes a mere 62.2/100 Metacritic score.

What’s even more shocking is that with its 5439 titles, the Australian Library only has 77 titles that have won an Oscar or Emmy award and the number drops significantly if you exclude Netflix Originals.

Well, if that’s got you jealous, don’t envy because even the US Netflix along with Canada has a very low rating on IMDb with a score of 6.95 only.

What Are The Stats?

The epic comedy series FRIENDS is available on Netflix globally except for in 5 countries, Australia, America, Austria, Germany, and New Zealand. The company acquired global rights to Seinfeld and Friends however, the local rights are under STAN.


Coming to Breaking Bad, the series that had audiences all over the world go crazy, is also not available in Australia and New Zealand only.

breaking bad

Australia also misses out on series like Doctor Who, Lost, The West Wing, and Twin Peaks.

So which countries have the best libraries? It’s definitely not the United States that we know now!

The South Korean Netflix 144 Oscar and Emmy titles out of its 4000+ titles. Next best comes in the Swiss Netflix library with 85 Oscar and Emmy titles!

Of course, judging a library just based on awards is not the most correct parameter. Some shows touch you deeply and everyone has a different taste.

But if you want to browse through the A-list content, now you know, it’s South Korean or the Swiss library.


And we really have no clue what’s up with Netflix showing Lost in Japan and South Korea only!


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