How to Get Netflix USA in Australia (Sep 2021 Updated)

Last updated: September 1, 2021 by Nick

Searching if there’s a loop in the system to figure out how to get Netflix USA in Australia? Well, you don’t have to look further as I will teach that with a simple tool called a VPN service. This simple tool will let you get Netflix USA in Australia without and hassle.

Unfortunately, Australia suffers a lot when it comes to the content available on the Netflix Australia library. It only has 34.5% of the titles available on Netflix, so while you’re paying for it why not get Netflix USA and get 100% and the best shows in the world.

A VPN service replaces your IP address, this indicates the systems at Netflix that you are visiting it from the USA and hence grants you access and that’s on how to get Netflix USA in Australia.

It is quite simple to use a VPN service these days, you don’t have to be a tech junkie. Nowadays most of the VPN services come with a very simplistic UI that anyone can use to get us netflix .

As not all VPN services are successful in unblocking region restricted sites and platforms, therefore, you must pick one that is tried and tested, such as Surfshark.

Steps on How to Get Netflix USA in Australia 

If you haven’t used a VPN service before, follow the steps:

  1.       Subscribe to a VPN service (We recommend Surfshark).
  2.       Sign in with your credentials.
  3.       From the list of countries, select and connect to a US server.
  4.      Once you connect to the US server, now you can get Netflix USA in Australia

Just follow these above mentioned 4 steps to get the content you want, it’s as simple as that! You can check out more of our recommended and tested VPN services to make a choice that better suits you.

Get Netflix USA in Australia – Video Tutorial

Wrapping Up!

Now that you know how to get US Netflix in Australia, enjoy the 5000+ titles available on the American library. If you have any quires, please comment on the section below.

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